Saturday, December 30, 2006

Now that Christmas is over....I can share this! I made it for my Mom and Stepdad. I wrote a lot about the year+ that we lived with them while my husband was deployed to Iraq. I wish that we still lived close to them instead of several states away. We really enjoyed their visit this week, but it is never long enough.

I used Basic Grey fruitcake papers on this. Along with primas, mini brads and Basic Grey Wholy Cow rub ons. I think they really liked it.

Hope you are all enjoying the last of the holiday break. I am still sick......I think it might be time for the doctor. After 9 days on mucinex and sudafed every 4 hours, shouldn't I be better? I don't think I should still feel like my face/head might explode from all the pressure. Of course, the doctor isn't open until Tuesday. So I'll have to wait until then. Or pay a $50 copay to go to an urgent care place...I think I can wait it out!


Julie Brooks said...

What a beautiful gift! I know how it feels to live away from family. My boys are sad because Grandma and Grandpa just left also!
I have got to start stamping more!! I have been in a rut. I come to your site and I get in the stampin mood.
Hope you feel better soon! I love you Christmas cards!!!

Joan said...

This is beautiful. Yes, you need to see a doctor and I would pay the $50. You sound like you need an antibiotic ASAP. Hope you are well soon.