Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas Eve!!

and I'm sick! My face hurts from the sinus pressure. I am going to try and take it easy today and rest so that I'll be ready to cook tomorrow.

I thought I would show you one of the smaller gifts I made yesterday. My sister/blogmaster/digi-guru, Kimberly, asked me for one of the mini notebooks I make. She wanted one to carry in her purse and she asked for pink and turquoise. Well, I hope it fits those colors, because I think it's really cute!

I make these by using little notebooks that come in a two-pack at Target. I modpodge the notebook, put paper on, and then modpodge over that. Embellish as you like! I wanted to add a K to hers, and I think I made this way harder than it had to be, lol! I stamped the K in versamark on the paper I wanted to use. Then I embossed it with clear ep. I cut it out and ran a chocolate chip marker around the edges. Then I modpodged it onto the notebook and modpodged over the top. There is definitely a better way!

I also made a little beaded RSVP pen to match. Cause who doesn't want a matching set? For these, I cut a strip of paper and put red liner tape (or o'so sticky strip) on the back - one strip on both sides. I unstick them and then adhere them to the outside of the pen. Then I cut a piece of o'so sticky paper and stick that around (very carefully!) the patterned paper. I rolled it in mini micro beads (from queen pennywise) and then I sprinkled glitter over it to fill in any gaps. This makes it beaded AND sparkly!

Make sure you take time today to think about the Reason for the Season - it's not ALL about the presents!


Danita said...

Hope you feel better soon. Sudafed, baby! That always does the trick for me when I have horrible sinus pain! :)
Merry Christmas!!!

Soozie4Him said...

Emily, hope you are feeling better FAST! Do you have some prescription decongestant? Like Entex PSE (super-sudafed)? I know your pain well - you might remember from SCS that I'm having sinus surgery on Tuesday. I've been sick since October 16th and my sinuses are totally infected, but NOTHING has moved anything out. So if you can get things moving, that's a good thing! I will be praying that you feel good for Christmas tomorrow. If you remember, please pray for me on Tuesday? I want my life back!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!


MamaKimberly said...

Ohhhhh, Emily, I love it! Great colors and love that paper!! :) You did awesome on it!

Feel better! Virtual sudafed hugs!!