Saturday, December 23, 2006

Holy Schnikes!!

Seriously! Whew, what a day! I have been holed up in my stamp room most of today working on Christmas presents. It was my goal this year to make all my gifts (since I wasn't making Christmas cards). Well, of course I waited til the last minute and am totally rushed! I even knew what I wanted to make for each person....but I am a terrible procrastinator. But like Tiff (my sister-in-law) says....I do my best work under pressure!

I already made about half the gifts, as I had to mail those. But the rest....well, almost all of them got made today. I think I had one of those done earlier this week.

Today I made:
2 wooden letters
1 lunch tin with dividers
2 picture frames
1 3-D cardboard (or whatever it is) letter
1 mini notebook
2 beaded pens

I am probably high on the sealant, etc fumes, lol! Anyway, I am dying to share the stuff I made, but I don't want to spoil the surprise for those getting them. I'll have to wait to share them.

It's getting late and I've still got some embellishing to do. Then I am going to relax with a Mojito. I hope you are all finishing up your Christmas shopping/crafting!

Oh! And I have my first (and only!) entry in the diamond fold book contest! Remember, I must have a link to your entry by 10pm cst December 26th.

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