Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Monogram Post-It Holders

I love post-it holders. My dad gave me a huge stack of post-it note pads when he was packing up to move, so I have lots to make them with! Well, I had several things I was mailing today and I just love to tuck one of these in a package. I mean, you can't be a paper crafter and NOT send a little something, right?!?!

I decided to make these monogram post-it holders. I love chipboard letters for this. But I am cheap and lazy. I didn't want to buy several packages of chipboard letters and then re-cover the letters to match the holders. So I found these chipboard letters by Li'l Davis Designs. They measure about 2 inches in height per letter. But since I am cheap, I didn't want to actually use my letters on this project quite yet. So I laid the letter I wanted to use (in this case, J) chipboard (or undecorated) side up on a piece of chocolate chip cardstock. I traced the letter with a pencil and then cut it out with my paper snips. This way I had a lovely chocolate chip "J" to use and I still had my chipboard too. Which was good because I had 4 "J" note pads to make!

The rest was pretty simple. I used cool caribbean cardstock for the base of the holder and for the scalloped circle. I stamped paisley in versamark for the scalloped circle and then put the "J" on with dimensionals. I tied a little piece of ribbon around the "J" and then also ran some under the scalloped circle. I think they turned out pretty cute! Here is a link to the tutorial on how to make the post-it holders.

That's it for this morning! Off to workout and get some other stuff done. Wonderful stuff coming later. A recipe: Eggplant Parmesan for dinner tonight! (This is probably my favoritest food EVER!). A card: I will try to get the sketch challenge done later today as well! Have a great day!


Kendra aka Scrapstampindiva said...

these are adorable emily! Somebody is lucky! :) I just love making these, but haven't made any in a while - thanks for the inspiration! :)

Godchick said...

Those are cute! You did a great job cutting out the J's!!

Whimsey said...

I have been looking for some chipboard letters that were 'just the right size'; just like you, I want to use them as a pattern for so many things. Now I'm on the serach for Li'l Davis Designs! Love your post-it note holders; they're always adorable!

Janet said...

Love these...those Basic Grey papers make everything look fan-tab-u-lous!

~pl said...

Thanks for the link- I'm going to try this. I bought a few packs of pretty post-it notes from Michaels on sale for pennies (ok quarters) a few weeks ago....

Linda said...

really like the style font of these monograms. Your work of art is very inspiring.

Rachel Hope said...

Great idea...I knew I was saving the chipboard piece from the Paper Packs for something!!!!

Ara said...

These are pretty cool Emily, what a great idea to save the chip board...I'm getting some soon, and I will have to remember this!!

MamaKimberly said...

I totally love the shape of those letters... way cuter than just a boring letter!

Beth said...

OMG! I am so cheap too I guess -

I never use my chipboard.....

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