Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Drowning in a pile of ribbon!

Yes, that's me. I am drowning in a pile of ribbon! It's a good place to be though! I participated in a ribbon share with my friend (I say friend cause we've met twice and she's the SWEETEST person ever!) Jody. It's the coolest thing! She gets bulk ribbon and cuts it into 10 yard segments. So I got 30 different colors! Now to organize it! I am working on that part and I'll show you what I came up with (an idea I totally stole from someone else's blog photos) when I get it done.

You should totally check out Jody's blog. She has ribbon shares often, try to get in on one! She's even doing a Prima share right now!! I would love to do that one....but alas, I am being frugal at the moment. **sigh** Maybe there will be a next time! Here's all my ribbon though.....doesn't it look SO PRETTY?!??!

Also I thought I would share the sneak peek at the prize for the 100th Color Challenge on Splitcoast. Leigh O'Brien made this.....and she is one FANTASTIC stamper. Y'all are really gonna want to get in on this one. So keep watching those color challenges so you can find out how you can win it for your very own!!! Just a tiny sneak peek today though........gotta save something for next week, right?!?!


Ara said...

I'm sooo envious of you and your ribbon!! I am keeping my eye on her blog, and hope to get in on the next ribbon share! Glad you were able to get in on it this time around!! Can't wait to see what you come up with!!

Jenifer Benner said...

Don't you love those ribbons! I totally loved this.. I joined all of her ribbon shares too and just got my Dec's share yesterday. it's AWESOME isn't it!!

You're right--she is the most sweetest person!! :)

Danita said...

Emily, I can totally relate to your drowning problem! I got my box yesterday and I'm drowning too! FUN! Can't wait to see how you organize it all cuz I've NO idea how to do mine! :)

Lisa C. said...

I did her ribbon share too, I am SOOO loving it! I got ribbon cards to put them on and 3 x 3 ribbon boxes to put them in. YEAH!