Saturday, January 13, 2007

I am gonna crop today!

I can't believe it! I haven't cropped in so so long. I hadn't even gotten prints made of my digi pics since April!!!

Anyway, mamak and I are going to Recollections for a crop today. We'll head out sometime early this afternoon and it's over at midnight - I don't know if we'll stay the whole time though. I am going to be paper cropping and she is bringing her laptop. I get twice the space to spread out though.....heehee! We might look kinda dorky with her and her laptop to digiscrap, but it's really about spending time together anyway.

I can only scrapbook outside of my home. Is that weird?!?! If I am here, I would rather make a card or whatever. Scrapbooking is a labor of love for me. My husband really likes that I do it, and I like the end result, but I don't necessarily enjoy doing it. I have a 3-ring binder with layout sketches. Some I have found on the Internet various places and some that mamak has made for me. This has made it so much easier for me....and I like my pages a lot more too!

I just take whatever pictures I want to use on a page....flip through the sketches in my binder and pick one....then I go from there and choose papers and embellishments. It means that some of my pages are just variations on the same layout, but I don't care! I am not an original, innovative scrapper by any means. I just want to be able to get some pages done, like the end result, and have a book for posterity. With the binder, I can do mostly pages I end up liking and they are quicker to make. So I get more done.

Since I only scrapbook outside my home, I do not stamp in my books either. It's just too much to haul ink and stamps as well as all my scrap stuff. So I rely mainly on rub-on letters (mostly from Making Memories) for my titles. It may not be that fancy, but it works for me!

Right now, I have 3 scrapbooks I am working on. One is the ongoing book of the boys. I don't really have any time frames on those, just when one is full - I start another. I have an 8x8 book that is of Matthew and I. Anytime we do things without the kids it goes in's not very big, lol! And lastly, I have a book of me. This was mamak's idea and I think it is by far my favorite book to work on - and not for the reasons you'd think! Since I am the only female in this house, this is the only book where I can let all the femininity flow. It has lots of primas and floral papers! I really enjoy getting to use all the girly things in my book.

Anyway, perhaps I will share a few of my favorite pages from today when I get back. They won't be stamping related.....and they probably aren't that great, but I'll share a few if you want to see them!


Soozie4Him said...

Emily, I hope you and MamaK have a WONDERFUL time! I started this journey by scrapbooking, but I'm SO slow and I agonize over every little thing! I bought some alpha stamps to use in my scrapbook, and that started me stamping, then SU, etc and the rest is history! So I really haven't done any SB'ing in the past 2.5 years! I'd love to get started with it again. All this to say that I'd LOVE to see your pages!! Please post them when you can!!

Whitney said...

I want you to know your post totally describes me. I have a whole room in which to scrapbook and I only do it when I pack up all my stuff and go somewhere. I have millions of stamps but they never make it in my books - too much trouble to pack up!I like to have the scrapbooks finished, but I love to make cards! Thanks for the fun to read blog.

Jenny said...

I hope you guys have a wonderful time! I always use sketches when I scrapbook too! I think a lot of people do!! Hope you get lots done!
Jenny (jfstamps on SCS)

Janet said...

I really like your idea of keeping a binder with the sketches you like to use. I hadn't heard of that. I had to let go of being a perfectionist with scrapbooking and just get it done...with five kids who each have their own book I had to. Show us your pages.

TruCarMa said...

Emily -- I'd definitely like to see your pages! I was supposed to crop all day and night on Friday at my LSS with a friend, but we've been iced/snowed in. I didn't know that it was for sure going to be off until I'd spent several hours organizing, packing up, and printing photos... LOL. So I'm left to my own devices here at home, and I've gotten a whopping single page completed (and that's a title page w/o pictures!). Of coursed, some of the great things about leaving home to crop is a) spending time with girlfriends, b) getting up to stretch your legs and shop for just the right embellishment or paper at the store, and c) no kids, hubby or chores calling your name!

I hope you and your sis were more productive than I've been!